howdy, stranger

Who are you?

  • Shezza (shez-za), she/her, freshly 30 and getting oddly nostalgic and self-reflective, spurring me to find new -- or I guess old -- ways to occupy myself and connect/express myself. Is the long and short of it.

I know that I can make this site look super duper fancy, but this is an ~aesthetic~ choice because personally I think that the web is too shiny now. It's like a suburban family: a clean exterior hiding dark secrets that can't help but bubble up to the surface.

Anyway, I hope to find a way to use this that makes me happy and brings me joy, and secondarily, connects me with cool people. I have some ideas, the idea is mostly me leaning towards making this a blog of some kind. But "blog" feels stuffy, like I'm a wannabe pundit writing about WMDs in Iraq or someone with Important Thoughts I feel I must share with people. It won't be that serious, I'll probably just aim to write about tv I watch in a more structured way instead of spreading it over 10 tweets in a 2 week period. I hope my musings entertain you, or at the very least, perplex you.